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About Me

Coming from an Engineering background (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and with a Ph.D. in Spatial Information Engineering (University of Maine), I can look back to more than two decades of professional experience in four countries working in three different languages (German, English, Italian).

See my resume [in Italian] for what I have done and A description of selected activities [in English].

My Way of Working

  • I thrive on innovation, learning new things, and thinking out of the box
  • conceive it big, but keep it simple
  • common sense and good taste
  • good tools as a big part of getting the job done
  • challenges that get me going
  • working in a community of smart people
  • create new things
  • work with passion for what I believe in

What Others say about me

The following are extractions from my LinkedIn recommendations . (You need to be logged into LinkedIn to see the full profile that contains recommendations).

Claudio Olivi (IT Senior Consultant at Ericsson)
What strikes about Bud is his exceptional ability to master tools and technologies, combined with high productivity and a dose of pragmatism that keeps him focused on the real objectives of the project. This allows him to translate his expertise into spikes of real innovation applied in real contexts. He is very proactive and his ideas express novelty and opportunity of growth. In summary, Bud is the one person you would always want to have on the team because he can “make the difference”. [translated from Italian]

Roberto Resoli (Senior IT staff, Municipality of Trento)
Bud is really a great partner for IT projects: highly creative, deep in his knowledge of IT, and really open minded. He is always succeeding in keeping things simple also in really complex subjects. Openness, Elegance and Collaboration are his guidelines, both designing software and dealing with persons. Last but not least, he’s brilliant and gifted with a nice sense of humor.

Jim Dray (Science Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology)
..Dr. Bruegger’s ability to think outside the box has been a tremendous benefit to these efforts. He works well with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and has excellent communication skills. ..

John Forrester (Solutions Architect at Ancitel)

..In all these areas, Bud has demonstrated a broad and deep knowledge and a wide experience which translated in the efficient creation of tangible results. ..

Bud has had an impact on the company by introducing and demonstrating modern tools and methodology. ..

[He] has a good nose for what is important, has good people skills and manages to reach consensus even in challenging situations, has the talent to keep it simple, is an excellent communicator, and uses his sense of humor to make collaboration fun. Bud is a natural innovator and easily thinks out of the box.

Ragnar Jonasson (PKI Technical Leader, National Bank of Iceland)
Bud has a clear vision of the future of eID and is fun to be around!

Roberto Rossi (Business Development Director at Thales)
..At the same time he has a rational and positive approach to solve problems and to work in team.

Sverre Bauck (Norwegian Business Register)
Bud is a very skilled technician, he is able to see solutions in a bigger perspective, and he is a great communicator.

For other recommendations, see LinkedIn and navigate to my full profile.

What you find on the Internet

I was surprised how well seems to track me. On a quick look, only one entry seemed a different person.
Also Google’s search result seems to fit well (looking at the first few pages).